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Ball Ball

In 1891, two trains collided at Kipton Station in Ohio, USA, claiming 8 lives. The watch of one of the train drivers, who unknowingly stopped for 4 minutes, was to blame. Jeweler and railway inspector Webster Clay Ball was tasked with setting new…

Bulova Bulova

The story of the Bulova brand begins in 1875 and has its roots in Bohemia. The founder was a Czech native Josef Bulova, who founded the J. Bulova Company in New York. He managed to build a large watch factory. In 1912, production was moved to Biel,…

Casio Casio

Casio, Japan is one of the best-selling watch brands in the world. The first watches from the Casia workshop were digital and at the same time the first in the world to display the date. Casio's digital watches are no longer popular today, although…

Certina Certina

Certina is a well-known Swiss brand operating on the market since 1888. Certina watch technologies include: DS concept, Powermatic 80, Precidrive and others. He has been investing a lot of money in the development of more accurate and durable…

Citizen Citizen

The Citizen Japanese watch dates back to 1918 and over time has become the best-selling watch in the world. They gain their customers with reliability, accuracy, interesting technologies, beautiful design and all at an affordable price. Because he…

Junghans Junghans

Junghans - a German tradition since 1861. Junghans watches come from Schramberg, Germany and are among the most successful German brands. The Junghans Meister and Max Bill series by the designer of the same name, who imprinted the Bauhaus brand…

Maurice Lacroix Maurice Lacroix

Švýcarská značka Maurice Lacroix je poměrně mladá, vznikla v roce 1974, přesto dnes patří mezi špičku. V posledních letech na sebe stále více upozorňuje exklusivními mechanickými modely, kterými nastavuje nová měřítka v hodinářském průmyslu. Pyšní…

Mido Mido

Roku 1918 založil zkušený hodinář Georges Schaeren značku Mido, která se záhy stala synonymem pro technickou inovaci a nadčasový design. V současnosti značka pod heslem "Inspirováno architekturou" vytváří modelové řady inspirované ikonickými…

Seiko Seiko

Seiko watches date back to 1881. These Japanese watches have literally changed the world of watchmaking with their patents, and we owe them incredible progress. Seiko Astron quartz watches have revolutionized and become the standard for other brands…

Tissot Tissot

Tissot is a brand with a tradition dating back to 1853 and is currently the largest Swiss watch manufacturer. The brand was founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot in the town of Le Locle in the foothills of the Jury and the "plus" in the brand's logo…

Zeppelin Zeppelin

Zeppelin watches - a brand bearing the logo, which dates back to the early 20th century, referring to the time of development in the field of aviation technology, the time when it was possible to see large floating ships in the sky - Zeppelin…

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