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Skladem >5 ks — 07. 10. u vás
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Certificate, czech instructions and box
Guarantee 5 let
90 days free refund
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Insurance 5 year warranty, certificate, gift box, 3 months refund.

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We are fast, we have most watches by stock and free shipping.

Gift Voucher 80 EUR
Gift Voucher 80 EUR 81.55 € Skladem
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Guarantor: Simon Vlasenko

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The package includes an original box, warranty card and czech instructions.

How do we pack watches?

Watches safed during transport

1 → We check, clean and set

We will check the functionality, set time, date and clean the watch carefully.

2 → We will carefully pack the watch

So that the watch does not have a chance to be damaged. We use special vacuum pads.

3 → We insure the watch against damage from the carrier

To be sure, we will insure the watch against breakage, so there is nothing to fear.

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