Our Team

We are a team of watch enthusiasts who try to do their best for the satisfaction of our customers.

And in addition to the colleagues presented here, there are a number of other people who help us, and only thanks to them are we where we are. We really appreciate their cooperation and help. Thank you!

Great team of experts

Jiří Štencek

Jiří Štencek — majitel     +420777056319

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Jakub Novák

Jakub Novák — produktový manažer     +420252252308

Wears these watches

Darina Vokrojová

Darina Vokrojová — specialistka Seiko a Casio     +420252252308

Wears these watches

Jiří Bareš

Jiří Bareš — specialista mechanických hodinek     +420252252308

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Martin Jasovský

Martin Jasovský — specialista Tissot a Certina     +420252252308

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Šimon Vlásenko

Šimon Vlásenko — expedice a Garmin specialista     +420252252308

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Kateřina Jiříčková

Kateřina Jiříčková — vedoucí expedice a specialistka Edox     +420252252308

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František Žváček

František Žváček — reklamační technik, specialista na Maurice Lacroix, Prim a pera a diáře     +420252252308

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Michaela Hofmanová

Michaela Hofmanová — specialistka Junkers, Candino, Vostok Europe, Alexander Shorokhoff     +420252252308

Wears these watches

Monika Ditrichová

Monika Ditrichová — vedoucí prodejny Holešovice, specialistka na šperky     +420252252308

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Simona Koníčková

Simona Koníčková — marketingová manažerka    

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Barbora Šebestíková

Barbora Šebestíková — správce produktů    

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Olívie Dvořáková

Olívie Dvořáková — fotografka    

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