How to care for your watch

Seřízení chronografuChoosing the right watch that meets all requirements is usually not a matter of a few minutes. So, since we have already invested time and money, we would certainly appreciate that our watches last as long as possible in the best possible condition.

Watch movement

  • The most important part of the watch is the movement. It is not advisable to expose it to a strong magnetic field (e.g. near a TV, speakers, electric motors, etc.). We must also be careful when setting the date, which must not be set between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. (around midnight), when the date on the watch changes.
  • Strojek hodinekThe movement is powered by a battery that needs to be changed, depending on the type of movement, once every 3 to 5 years. In some watches, a dead battery is indicated by the movement of the second hand at longer intervals. It is a good idea to replace the dead battery in the watch as soon as possible.

    For waterproof watches, ask for a water resistance test. Both the battery and the movement are stored in the watch case, which protects it from damage. Therefore, avoid strong impacts that could damage the delicate mechanism of the watch.
  • The case also needs to be cleaned. Water and a brush can be used to clean the waterproof watch. Dry the watch with a dry cloth. The watch must not come into direct contact with solvents, mercury, cosmetics, detergents, glues, and paints. It could damage the watch, change the color of the case, or cause other defects. Some cases are painted with PVD technology. With this modification, you can also swim in salt water. Just be careful of mechanical damage to this layer.


teploty a hodinkyIf you do not have a watch for a demanding environment, then avoid extreme temperatures. The normal operating temperature range of the watch is from 5 to 35˚C. Temperatures above 50˚C or below -10˚C may cause the watch to lag or shorten battery life. The operation of the watch is adjusted by returning it to normal temperature. Never expose the watch to sudden temperature changes. Such a jump into the water with a hot watch from the sun will definitely not benefit them.

Watch water resistance

  • A separate chapter is the waterproofness of the watch. Do not manipulate the crown or buttons if the watch is wet or under water. If the watch comes into contact with salt water, it must be washed with fresh, clean water and thoroughly dried with a soft cloth.
  • Vodotěsnost hodinekThe screw crown must always be fully tightened, the other control elements must be in the basic position. Never use the watch while bathing in hot water. A loss of waterproofness can occur when a watch heated by the sun cools down rapidly in cold water (due to the different expansion of different materials).
  • If, despite following these principles, water or condensed moisture appears in the watch, have the watch checked immediately.

Leather and stainless steel strap

A steel strap should receive the same care as a case. If you have a watch with a leather strap, we have some tips and advice on how to properly care for the leather strap.

Regular service

Also, don't forget to take your watch to a watchmaker once every two to three years for resealing, battery replacement and general inspection. This will extend their lifespan and you can be sure of their waterproofness.

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