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SET Bering Classic 19031-828 and Arctic Symphony Home Jewellery

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Prsten Bering Arctic Symphony 529-27-X3
Ring Bering Arctic Symphony 529-27-X3 - 64.72 €
Prsten Bering Arctic Symphony 551-56-X1
Ring Bering Arctic Symphony 551-56-X1 - 32.96 €
Náramek Bering Arctic Symphony 616-20-X0
Bering Arctic Symphony 616-20-X0 bracelet - 63.91 €

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379.87 €


Certificate, czech instructions and box
Guarantee 5 years
90 days free refund
Authorized seller Bering

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SET Bering Classic 19031-828 a Arctic Symphony Home 1
SET Bering Classic 19031-828 and Arctic Symphony Home Jewellery 379.87 €
Detailed product information

Detailed product information

About the brand

About the brand Bering


The Bering watch is a young brand of Danish adventurer Rene Kaerskov, who jumped from a helicopter onto the icy surface of the Arctic, and this northernmost place on the globe fascinated him so much that he decided to make a watch that would be as pure and simple as the Arctic itself.

The name Bering dates back to 1728, when a Danish seafarer crossed the strait that still bears his name. He was the first European to explore Alaska.

Bering watches are characterized by their simplicity and purity. They use ceramics, sapphire, stainless steel, zircons and diamonds. The equivalent of this brand is the German Boccia Titanium, which uses anti-allergenic titanium instead of steel.

Helveti.eu is an authorized dealer and specialist of the Bering brand.


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The package includes an original box, warranty card and czech instructions.

How do we pack watches?

Watches safed during transport

1 → We check, clean and set

We will check the functionality, set time, date and clean the watch carefully.

2 → We will carefully pack the watch

So that the watch does not have a chance to be damaged. We use special vacuum pads.

3 → We insure the watch against damage from the carrier

To be sure, we will insure the watch against breakage, so there is nothing to fear.

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With each watch, you will receive a gift of your choice from us. Gifts are graduated according to the value of the order.

From €0Cleaning cloth, with which you can polish the glass of a watch.
From €100 = Stroke shortener, you can adjust the watch bracelet to your hand.
From €210 = Donut watch case or the knife Mikov 100-NH-2A.
From €420Victorinox Waiter knife with 9 functions.
From €630 = Leather watch roll, protects up to 3 watches.
From €1200 = Wall clock MeisterSinger WU18 or Leatherman REV.
From €2100 = Watch winder Designhütte Optimus 1 70005-61.
From €3000 = Watch box Friedrich Lederwaren Cubano 27022-6.

And on top of that, a 5-year warranty, watch insurance and free shipping.

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